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Arickaree School District R-2


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Arickaree Welcomes New Staff


Miss Paige Graton

Miss Paige is our new Preschool teacher here at Arickaree. She was looking for a change and wanted to teach Preschool so when the job came up at Arickaree she took it. She grew up in Otis, and went to school at Lonestar. Before she came here, she worked at the Yuma Children’s Academy for 5 years. Miss Paige loves to read, drink coffee, travel, and bake. Halloween is her favorite holiday other than the 4th of July. She would describe herself as very loud and energetic. Mexican food is her favorite, as well as Sesame Chicken. In ten years she sees herself still teaching. One fun fact about her is that she has been to 5 countries including the following: Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and the United States. -Cora Schrock


Miss Alex Guthiel

Miss Alex is a para in the Elementary as well as an Art instructor for Preschool-6th grade. She chose Arickaree because her kids go here. Miss Alex is originally from the Brighton/Commerce City area and went to school at Prairie View High school in Henderson, Colorado. She likes to paint, spend time with her kids, swim, and play baseball with her kids. Mexican food is her #1 favorite food. In 10 years she hopes to still be here teaching at Arickaree. In 3 words, she would describe herself as happy, tired, and funny. (She says her kids think she's funny!) An interesting fact about Miss Alex is that in high school she went to state in swimming. -Cora Schrock

Miss Stephanie Hill

Miss Hill was an Arickaree school student who came back to teach  where her schooling began . Her  favorite foods are Italian or Mexican food. She enjoys teaching and sees herself continuing to teach in ten years. She is Arickaree’s kindergarten aid and third through fifth grade keyboarding teacher. Her hobbies are riding horses and 4-wheelers. Three words that describe her are quiet, strong willed, and adventurous. Miss Hill's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it is time to spend with family. - Hayden Page 


 Mrs. Jefferson

Gwen Jefferson joined the school staff this year as the 5th grade teacher. Some interesting facts about Mrs.Jefferson are that she is from Thailand and she attended school in Thailand as well as UNC and CU Boulder. Mrs. Jefferson chose Arickaree school to teach at because she heard about the opportunity and took the job here. Some of Mrs. Jefferson’s hobbies are watching movies and reading Manga. Mrs. Jefferson’s favorite food is Thai noodles and curry. When asked where she saw herself in 10 years, Mrs. Jefferson replied still with Joseph Jefferson owning a house with a child and 10 more cats. One interesting fact about Mrs. Jefferson is that she can bend her fingers really far back because she does Thai dancing. Mrs. Jefferson described herself in three words as Asian, quiet, and calm. Mrs. Jefferson’s favorite holiday is Christmas. - Jacob Jefferson 


Mrs. Varela 

Mrs. Varela is our new custodian here at Arickaree School. She picked Arickaree because the position was available and also because her son is in the Preschool class.  Mrs Varela grew up in Yuma, Colorado and she went to Morris Elementary school, Yuma Middle school, and Yuma High school. She likes to run, she likes to cook, and the thing that she most enjoys is being a mom. Mrs. Varela's favorite food is green enchiladas. In 10 years she hopes to have more than two kids and live on her own farm with her family. In 3 words, she would describe herself as efficient, a good person, and respectful. An interesting fact about Mrs. Varela is that she loves doing makeup. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because she likes spending time with her whole family. -Jimena Vazquez 


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