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Arickaree School District R-2


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Section I: Instruction

IB- Academic Freedom

IC-ICA- School Year/School Calendar/Instruction Time

IF- Curriculum Development

IFD- Curriculum Adoption

IGAD- Occupational Education

IGADA- Work Experience Opportunities

IGBA- Programs For Handicapped Students

IGBA-R- Program for Handicapped Students

IGBB-R- Nomination (Referral) Procedure for Gifted and Talented Students

IGC- Extended Instructional Programs

IGCC- Awards/Honors Program

IGD- Co curricular and Extracurricular Programs

IGDA- Student Organizations

IGDB- Student Publications

IGDC- Student Social Events

IGDC-R- Student Social Events

IGDF- Student Fund-Raising Activities

IGDF-R- Student Fund-Raising Activities

IGDG- Student Activities Funds Management

IGDGA- Student Organization Uniforms

IGDJ- Interscholastic Athletics

IGD-R- Co-curricular and Extracurricular Programs/Eligibility For Extracurricular Activities

IHA- Basic Instructional Program

IHACA- Law-Related Education

IHAM- Health Education

IHAMA- Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

IHAMB- Family Life/Sex Education

IHAMB-R- Family Life/Sex Education (Exemption Procedure) Required by Law

IHAMC-R- HIV/AIDS Education (Exemption Procedure) Required by Law

IHAM-R- Health Education (Exemption Procedure) Required by Law

IHA-R- Basic Instructional Program

IHBD- Compensatory Education

IHBG- Home Schooling

IHCDA- Concurrent Enrollment

IHCDA-R- Concurrent Enrollment

IHD- Student Schedules and Course Loads

IIA- Instructional Materials

IIAA- Textbook Selection and Adoption

IIAC- Library Materials Selection and Adoption

IIB- Class Size

IICA- Field Trips and Excursions

IICAA- Senior Trip

IICAA-R- Senior Trip

IICA-R- Field Trips and Excursions

IJ- Instructional Resources and Materials

IKA- Grading Systems

IKAB- Student Progress Reports to Parents

IKAD- Parent Conferences

IKE- Ensuring All Students Meet Standards

IKF- Graduation Requirements

ILBB- State Program Assessments

IM (AFE)- Evaluation of Instructional Programs

IMDB- Flag Displays

INI- Exemptions from Required Instruction